Downed drone near Arizona border had 2 packages of meth

A Yuma Station Border Patrol agent recovered a downed drone containing two packages of methamphetamine. (Credit: CBP)

SAN LUIS, Ariz. -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent at the Yuma Station has recovered a downed drone containing two packages of methamphetamine, authorities said.

They said agents reported a downed drone near the New Canal on the west side of San Luis, Arizona.

Along with the drone were two packages of a white powdery substance later determined to be meth.

Border Patrol officials said the total weight of the narcotics was 727 grams with an estimated street value of $3,200.

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They said the direction of the drone indicates that it had come from Mexico.

Agents transported the methamphetamine and the drone to the Yuma Border Patrol Station.

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The narcotics were turned over to the San Luis Police Department.