Dozens of cars stolen from Sky Harbor Airport; 3 people arrested

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Three people are accused of stealing at least 26 rental cars straight out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Police arrested two men and a woman they say are former employees of Hertz and Enterprise. Hertz alone reported at least 26 rental cars missing from the Sky Harbor location last month, and Enterprise also reported 10 cars missing. None of them had active rental contracts at the time, and a majority of the total ended up in Mexico.

According to Phoenix Police officials, 23-year-old Rick White, a former Hertz employee, stole 13 rental cars and possibly 13 more between January and February 23. With border security video, Hertz confirmed 21 of the 26 missing cars crossed the border into Mexico, by way of the Nogales entry point.

According to officials, 13 of them passed through White's exit booth at Hertz without any cars being scanned. Police officials said an unknown suspect is caught on camera in the driver's seat. During the investigation, detectives learned of White's girlfriend, Tyshawnee Collins, who worked for Enterprise rental cars at the Sky Harbor location. They said she admitted to allowing cars out of her gate without scanning or checking contracts, letting 10 cars leave from March through April,

According to police, surveillance shows White driving some of these cars off the lot. Police officials also said 45-year-old Dwayne Cantley, also employed by Hertz, is involved in the string of car thefts. Security footage shows Cantley opening the gate for a Malibu. Detectives later used OnStar to track the car at Cantley's home in Avondale, where they found White and Collins in the car before arresting all three suspects last Wednesday.

Together, the crew faces several charges of auto theft and fraudulent schemes. FOX 10 has reached out to Hertz and Enterprise for comment.