DPS: 4 dead following 6-car crash on I-10 near Tucson

Officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety say four people are dead, following a six-car crash north of Tucson.

According to officials, the crash happened on I-10 west at milepost 232. DPS was looking for a reckless driver heading east on I-10, and officials say the car crossed the median and struck an SUV head-on. A semi then hit the initial wreck and started a chain reaction crash.

Officials identified the four people that died as David Gonzales, 44, of Tucson who was driving a pickup, Richard Davis, 58, of Riverside, CA who was driving the SUV, Lynn Davis, 60, of Riverside, CA who was a passenger in the SUV, and Ellen Bennett, 57, of Tucson who was also a passenger in the SUV.

DPS officials say one of the six cars involved was a transport van with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office that was carrying two deputies and a prisoner on board. No one on board was injured.

FOX 10 reported on this story from Phoenix.