Elderly man's vehicle crashes into church, drivers blame each other

An elderly man's car crashed through a church Wednesday evening due to a collision.

In fact, 75-year-old Daniel Bustoz's work truck went through a wall of bricks, and then the dry wall at Iglesia De Dios Camino Al Cielo, their community church.

And while Bustoz walked away from the incident unscathed, he says the other driver was at fault.

He says he was heading west on Fillmore, and the other driver was heading south on 35th Avenue. He had the green light and the driver of the other truck T-boned him.

But the other driver had the same story, saying he had the green light, and Bustoz ran into him.

Both drivers claiming one ran a red light while surrounded by family as police investigated.

But both are also just thankful to still be alive.