Equipment stolen from off-duty Phoenix Police officer's car

Some police equipment were stolen, after an off-duty Phoenix Police officer had his car broken into in Glendale.

According to police officials, some of the items taken included a handgun, ammunition and handcuffs. So far, there are no leads on a suspect.

This reportedly happened to an experienced officer, who spent about a decade with Phoenix Police. Now, officials are trying to determine if any mistakes were made.

According to Glendale Police, the car was broken into in the early morning hours last Friday, near the intersection of 51st and Peoria Avenues.

Numerous items were reportedly stolen, including the officer's weapon, magazines and ammunition, two sets of handcuffs, and a jacket that says "Phoenix Police" on it.

Officials with Phoenix Police said they have now opened an internal investigation to determine why anyone was able to access the officer's equipment, and why it was in the car in the first place.

Officials said there is a policy in place that handles the theft of stolen equipment, and noted that the monetary amount of the equipment lost could factor into any disciplinary actions.

The case bears some similarities to one in Prescott Valley, after Police Chief Brian Jarrell was suspended for two days, after losing his weapon when he left it in the bathroom of a public library during a town council meeting.