EXCLUSIVE: Widow of fallen Salt River Police officer speaks to FOX 10

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- "I'm 25-years-old and I have to bury my husband," Deanna Townsend said. "That one text, that email, it's not worth it. It could be you, the driver, it could be someone you hit, even if you don't hit someone else, the family would still feel the loss of your life."

It's a cause Deanna Townsend is now devoted to. She stood with family, close friends and lawmakers on the capitol lawn in honor of her husband, Salt River Police Officer Clayton Townsend.

He was killed by a driver who police say was texting and driving.

"That one text isn't worth the life," she said. "My husband is gone, my baby doesn't have a dad. I'm 25-years-old and I have to bury my husband."

A husband and a father to baby Brixton, just 10-months-old.

"I think back to when I was pregnant and he just wanted Brixton to be here," she said. "'Are we ready yet. Are we ready...'"

No one was ready for what happened on January 8. That horrible day and every day since is not easy, but the outpouring of support has been incredible.

"Looking back at all the pictures and everything... it's crazy," she said.

Deanna is so thankful for everyone who stood streetside, saluting her husband in the procession last week.

"Just how many people followed along in the procession and officers to support me, officer wives to reach out," she said.

And to the rest of the community, complete strangers -- thank you to all who have given out of the goodness of their hearts.

"There was someone who donated the golf cart -- Russo and Steele and bought it and donated it back, donated to the GoFundMe page, the Diamondbacks have come out and showed their support, neighbors and friends and people," she said. "It means the world to me. It's not lessening the pain I have, but it's helping get through the day."

Deanna Townsend says it will be her mission to make texting and driving illegal in Arizona.