It's not just the saguaros. Agaves in Arizona are melting from the heat

Our record-breaking heat has been relentless, and it's been killing Arizona's beloved cacti.

We’ve reported on saguaros falling over, but another plant you may have seen around the Valley is also struggling.

Overnight, agave plants around the Valley are collapsing right at their core. And it smells awful.

"They absolutely melt at a certain point," Billy Graham with Whitfill Nursery said. "One day it will look beautiful, the next morning - done. Flat as a pancake."

Graham says the local nursery is getting calls every day about the typically low maintenance plant.

"Pure heat stress," Graham said. "With the ongoing heat, they just can’t keep up with it."

As our brutal summer continues, more saguaros are falling over. Other cacti are getting sunburned, and agaves are melting.


Cactus casualties: Extreme heat takes its toll on Arizona saguaros

Saguaro cacti are toppling over in the triple digit heat. We're following along with Moon Valley Nurseries as they respond to calls of a fallen cactus.

"Those bigger ones that you’re seeing around would be like $600 to $800," Graham said.

Melisa Lalich from Chandler posted photos of her dead agave from her front yard on social media.

Unfortunately, Graham says, "Once it gets mushy in the middle, it's done. There's just no coming back from that."

If you have an agave that has produced pups, you may be able to transplant one.

"Ultimately, we need cooler weather and more rain," Graham said.

Until that happens, Graham says to put up a shade cloth.

"You don't want it to physically touch, that will actually insulate it and make the heat worse," Graham said. "You want to have a good breathing space around it to cover."

A drink of water can also help. Try to water your agave about once a week until the weather improves.