Family mourns death of MCSO detention officer

The fiancee of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Detention Officer Joshua Kinnard is speaking out for the first time since she witnessed his death.

She called police for help, never imagining that call would lead to a deadly shooting. She wants us to withhold her name for privacy reasons.

The Thin Blue Line flag waves above Kinnard's driveway where he was shot to death by two Gilbert police officers back in February.

His fiancee says he suffered from severe PTSD and had been acting erratic, so she called the police for help.

Gilbert police say Kinnard grabbed a gun and fearing for their lives, officers fired their weapons at him.

"Josh was known as the inmate whisperer," said his fiancee. "So when they would have somebody disorderly, just out of control, they would call him in and he would have the ability to get order back and calm that person down in mostly a peaceful way. He just had that ability."

Kinnard was a Marine who served three tours in Iraq. His last tour was in Nasiriyah, one of the bloodiest and deadliest battles for U.S. Marines during the operation. After leaving the military, he became a family man. He has a 10-year-old son, three step-sons and a 2-year-old daughter.

"Juliana knows there is a big piece of her life missing right now. Every day, she asks where her dad is. Every day, she hears the door open and runs, yelling 'Daddy, daddy' and he's not there."

Kinnard's fellow officers and co-workers at MCSO continue to support the family and have vowed to be there for his fiancee and children, now and in the future.

"First day of kindergarten, if she has a daddy-daughter dance, you call us, we're going to be there.. we are so grateful for an amazing department."

At the time of his death, Kinnard was on medical leave. He had been with MCSO for the past six years. The shooting is still under investigation.

Both Gilbert police officers were wearing body cameras during the incident, but that video has not been released to the public yet.

Kinnard's fiancee does not believe the shooting had to happen and has hired an attorney.

Fundraiser for Kinnard's family: