FATAL SHOOTING: Suspect had prior run-in with the law

The suspect arrested in connection with Monday night's triple shooting along Bethany Home Road reportedly had prior run-ins with the law.

The incident happened along the 4300 block of W. Bethany Road. One person, identified by authorities late Tuesday afternoon as 21-year-old Chris Romo, was declared dead at the scene. Two other people, a 22-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman, were taken to the hospital.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Timothy Elliot Pascale, left the scene initially, but police eventually tracked Pascale down to his Peoria home, and arrested him.

Now, Pascale is facing a slew of felony charges, including murder and drive by shooting. Police believe the motive behind the shooting is road rage, and this is reportedly not the first time Pascale allegedly pulled a gun on someone, in a fit of road rage.

Friends of Pascale told FOX 10 Phoenix on Tuesday that Pascale is a man with a short fuse, and that they were not surprised to learn that another driver made him snap.

Police said Pascale became angry during a road rage incident, and allegedly fired several rounds at a white sedan, during broad daylight, putting innocent lives in danger.

The incident on Monday was reportedly not Pascale's first road rage arrest. Pascale reportedly pleaded guilty to one felony count of disorderly conduct, for displaying a gun.

Five years ago, a driver rear-ended Pascale, and according to court records, Pascale got out of his car and walked over to the victim's car, while the victim was still in the driver seat. Pascale, according to court documents, pulled out a revolver and held it at waist level. The victim was scared he would get shot if he didn't have insurance.

Pascale was reportedly sentenced to two years probation in that incident, and is prohibited from owning a weapon. Police have not said what happened during the road rage incident that led to the shooting, and detectives have not yet interviewed the surviving shooting victims.