Former Hacienda HealthCare board member calls on others to step down

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Dr. Kevin Berger was the only physician serving on Hacienda's board, and he submitted his resignation letter last week. Now he's hoping his former colleagues do the same.

"It was unimaginable, it was catastrophic, it was devastating," said Dr. Kevin Berger, former Hacienda Board Member.

Dr. Kevin Berger described his reaction after hearing about an incapacitated female patient who gave birth after being raped while at Hacienda Healthcare.

Up until last week, Dr. Berger was on Hacienda's Board of Directors.

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"I felt that I was quite conflicted about the reasons whether or not to stay on or leave the board, it really came down to I felt like I couldn't be effective anymore," said Dr. Berger.

Berger is part of a group of more than a dozen people that have left the healthcare facility.

We spoke with Brittany who has a brother in the intermediate care facility. She says she has no faith in the leadership.

"I'm disgusted with the board," said Brittany, sister of a patient at Hacienda.

Berger says he agrees with what the Governor called for early on in the investigation. Hacienda needs a complete overhaul, and he would like to see other board members resign as he did.

He says it's the only way to restore public trust in what he still considers to be a top-notch facility for patient care.

"He wanted an entire rework, restructuring of the organization, and really I think that's what it's going to take before we can rebuild trust," said. Dr. Berger.

Dr. Berger says a complete reset would also allow Hacienda to re-establish relationships with state agencies.

He says the facility is an asset to the vulnerable patient community, that they can't afford to lose.