Former patients of Phoenix Children's Hospital design holiday cards

Presses are in full force at One Touch Point in Tempe.

The huge machines are printing thousands of beautiful colorful and inspirational holiday cards.

"It's the 30th anniversary this year and in that span we have raised almost $4 million for the center," Kristy Litten of Phoenix Children's Hospital said.

Proceeds from the card sales go directly to the cancer and blood disorder center at PCH where 11-year-old Will was treated for Leukemia and 8-year-old James was treated for a rare blood disorder that affects 1-in-1 million people.

Both remarkable boys created amazing art that was chosen for the cover of one of five different holiday cards.

The cards are available for purchase at Cobblestone Auto Spa and will be available at two more locations next month.

For more information on the holiday cards, click here.