Former Suns dancer robbed; attack took place in lit parking lot

A former Phoenix Suns dancer found herself fighting for her life after she was assaulted and robbed in a parking lot outside of a Chandler restaurant.

The parking lot was lit and there were other patrons standing around as she and another woman walked to their cars, but that didn't prevent this attack.

As Tasha Terrell left the Z'Tejas with a friend on Saturday night, she says a car pulled up in the parking lot and a woman approached them.

"She talks to me and says can we use your phone because our car is out of gas, and I'm like, your car is still running and hits me with something in the side of my head," said Terrell.

Terrell says two other people got out of the car and started attacking her and her friend. She says they snatched their purses, their cell phones and pepper sprayed her friend. Out of instinct, she fought back against the woman who was attacking her.

"My instinct was don't go down and fight for your life. You're in a fight or flight moment and I fought as long as I could until I could get away from her."

She did get away -- running across Ray Road looking for help. Drivers honked at her, but wouldn't stop. She saw several taxi drivers parked outside of the bar.

"Of course I'm screaming.. call 9-1-1.. finally one of the cab drivers runs to me with his phone.. has 9-1-1 on the line.. I speak to the them.. fortunately there was a fight at Sandbar, so there was a sergeant already there," said Terrell.

Her friend Daisy suffered more injuries that she did, but will be okay.

The young women just lost their property, and their sense of security is shaken, but Terrell says she is trying to stay positive.

"I'm definitely bruised, but not broken. I'm not going to let this define me or set me off or control my life and turn me into that paranoid person that thinks all people are bad. I know that's not true," she said.

Chandler Police say they are looking for four suspects, all described as African-American, three women and one man, in their 20s. They were driving a white, older model car.

There was no surveillance camera in that area of the parking lot.

Z'Tejas says it is working with the police in the investigation to find the attackers.

Terrell says she wants them caught and warns other people to be on the alert.

If you know anything about this incident, call the Chandler Police at 480-782-4130.