FROM UP HIGH: Scottsdale company sends marijuana into space

Many companies are looking to gain some attention by sending things into space. Previous examples include KFC's recent launch of a chicken sandwich into space. Now, a local medical marijuana dispensary has jumped on board, and has sent marijuana into the outer limits.

Yes. Marijuana.

The medical marijuana, once 22 miles up, is now being offered at a Scottsdale dispensary, and it is being called Space Weed Bro. The online cannabis eco-system company Herban Planet sent one lbs (454 grams) of the weed, 22 miles up into the atmosphere, two weeks ago.

"We were close to going to market, and we sat around the roundtable with our staff and tried to figure out what was the best way to get some awareness for Herban Planet," said Tagan Dering, Chief Product Officer for Herban Planet."Someone mentioned, 'Let's send it into space bro.' Kind of got pushed to the side a little bit because it sounded a little outlandish, but revisited it and looked into it a little more and it made sense."

Herban Planet had help from a United Kingdom-based company to launch the stuff from Casa Grande. The company used a weather balloon with a GPS tracker. The pot was in the atmosphere for about 40 minutes before coming back down to Earth, at speeds of more than 240 miles per hour.

The clear cube of marijuana was tracked down miles away, and the marijuana is being sold, for $100 per gram.

"I think some people are going to smoke it," said Dering. "I think some people are going to take it and show their friends, 'look bro, dude, I got space weed, let's smoke it,' or 'no way, I want to hold onto it as long as I can.'"

In order to buy the first-of-its-kind product at Level Up, you must be a medical marijuana patient, but the company is hoping to expand into other markets in other states.