Glendale church gives away hundreds of backpacks for kids going back to school

Back to school means something different this year as more families than ever are in need as they try to navigate distance learning.

One Glendale church tried to make sure every child has at least one normal piece of school this year.

"Even though the girls are at home doing the distant learning, they still need supplies," said Corina Rico, one mother who attended the event. "I’m currently not working as of yet, we only have one income at home - which is my husband - so it’s a little hard right now...this is really a big help."

The help comes from Stone Point Community Church, where they handed out hundreds of backpacks for kids on Aug. 16.

"For us to be at least be able to do something makes all the difference in the world," said pastor Gene Herndon.

Resident Frida Romano received backpacks for her two sons.

"Every little thing counts, with everything going in the economy, people being it out jobs, being behind in bills -- every little thing helps," said Romano.

Romano was furloughed and has come to rely on these acts of generosity.

"It’s just so nice there’s a church that’s willing to help their community and do stuff like this for the kids," she said.

It hasn't just been backpacks at Stone Point. In April, it was toilet paper. Last month? Cleaning wipes. The church says they want to do anything they can to lift spirits and help out.

"Everything the community needs, we’ve been trying to meet that need because it’s tough," said pastor Herndon. "People are having a really hard time out there."

Next weekend they'll continue to hand out backpacks donated by community partners. After all, no child should be without supplies in this unprecedented school year.

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