Phoenix area's economy on track to break records as many look to the city for major events

It’s no secret that the Valley is the place to be for sporting events and live music, but this year's mega-lineup has multiplied profits for the local economy.

Of course, the final statistics for 2023 aren't available yet, but predictions say it’s going to be a record-breaking year.

It follows last year in 2022 when saw a spike.

According to the Arizona Office of Tourism, there were more than 40 million visitors to Arizona. They spent $28 billion – that’s $77 million a day.

"So in Arizona, we are absolutely known for having the most sunny days of anywhere in the country, but what that also means is that we are very comfortable in the spotlight," said Josh Coddington with the Arizona Office of Tourism.

From the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open to concerts galore. The Valley has seen a rebirth since the pandemic pause.

"We have great hotels throughout the Valley and multiple venues throughout the Valley. What that shows is that not only can we handle a Beyoncé event, but we can handle multiple events of the largest scale at the same time," Coddington said.

Glendale’s State Farm Stadium has single-handedly drawn in millions of locals and visitors.


Taylor Swift fans show out in droves to kick off the Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium

As Glendale renamed the city "Swift City" in honor of Taylor Swift kicking off her Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium with back-to-back shows, fans came out in full force to support the superstar.

Recently, Taylor Swift kicked off her Eras Tour, to last week’s Beyoncé concert, and now Metallica's double night feature this weekend.

Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps says the recent concerts not only sold out tickets but also hotel rooms.

"The stadium shows have just exploded. Obviously, arenas have always been very much a mainstay in the concert business, but these mega stadium shows have really come out of nowhere," he said. "People aren’t showing up already fed and going to the concert and leaving after it's done. They are coming here, getting a hotel room, having breakfast, lunch and dinner, going to the concert, come back, go back to Westgate and close down the venues."

That added foot traffic is being felt by local restaurants like Pizza Old Roma in downtown Glendale.

"We are keeping pretty busy. We like it that way. We are a place that is held up by the local community. Most of my customers I know on a first-name basis," Tyler Mada said. "But I noticed with the concert uptick, we’ve been getting a lot of like, just a different crowd of people."

He’s noticed a lot more customers either coming from or going to these major events.

"It’s cool. It's bringing new people to downtown Glendale, which I think is positive," Mada said. "I’m adding new names to my list of people to get to know."

The Glendale City Manager says on top of the spike in visitors, there’s also been a spike in people moving to Glendale.

In fact, he says many are choosing to live within a couple of miles of the stadium because of all the events.