Goddard School conducts annual toy test in Goodyear

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Getting a child to eat their vegetables is not easy, but getting them to play with toys is and that's exactly what these kids are doing. For the entire week, they'll be playing with toys and teachers will watch the interaction to see which toys are the best and most educational.

Goddard School is one of the 50 schools picked from across the country to participate in this nationwide event.

Even though the kids have no idea they're actually reviewing the toys, the teachers are marking down which toys attract their attention and which ones simply do not.

Once the toy fun is up, the kids will cast their vote on their favorite toy to determine which toys are the top 10 for preschoolers that you can add to your holiday list. An announcement will be made on November 1.

Online: goddardschool.com/toytest