Going up north: Arizonans get ready for weekend of skiing, thanks to snow from winter storm

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- So far, more than two feet of snow has fallen at Arizona Snowbowl during the winter storm. Now, local ski shops are also feeling the benefits of all the white stuff coming down.

People of all ages at the local ski shop say they are so excited to go skiing this upcoming weekend with all that snow, with many of them planning to go either to the Arizona Snowbowl or Sunrise.

"When they have a 70 inch base, and like real snow, it makes snowboarding and skiing so much easier and so much more fun," said one person.

"Honestly, it's kind of an afterthought," said another person. "They got good snow, might as well. Should be a good time up there."

Snowbowl's manager says the ski resort was packed. Now, local shops, like Ski Pro, also seeing more customers.

"Really about two times, and once the sales starts, people start busting in more to make it three times the amount of customer sale," said Steven Andrews.

For many skiiers and snowboarders, this year has a very different vibe from last year.

"We didn't get to go last year," said one person. "It was kind of a bust because there was no snow, so we're really excited to get going."

While everyone is encouraged to have fun, officials with the Coconino County Sheriff's Office are warning folks to stay on course and not go out of bounds, since it can be very dangerous.