Golfer hospitalized after falling into Sun City golf course pond

SUN CITY, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A man almost lost his life while playing a game of golf on Friday.

The incident happened at the PalmBrook Country Club in Sun City, where the man, identified as Jon Dawson, was trying to retrieve his golf ball from a pond when he fell in.

"We heard the helicopters and heard the sirens going," said Russ Lussier.

Dawson is in his 70s. A sign that reads "Warning: Slippery Edges" stands near the place where Dawson lost his footing.

"He reached to get it, and he slipped and went right into the water," said Hugh Curtis, who is Dawson's friend.

Curtis said he and his team, known as the Desert Rats, play at the course once a month, and said Dawson was underwater for about two minutes.

"They have little pumps out there so it made a little current, and he was trying to get out and he couldn't get out," said Curtis.

Luckily, Dawson's golf partner, Jim Hamlin, was nearby and pulled Dawson to safety. Paramedics showed up shortly after, gave Dawson CPR, and took him to the hospital.

Mark Kruse, who is Head Golf Professional at the PalmBrook Country Club, said he is thankful it wasn't worse.

"Thankfully, it is turning out to be a very heroic story," said Kruse.

As for Dawson's golfer friends, they said it was a pretty scary ordeal to watch, but they are looking forward to getting him back on the course. Meanwhile, the golf pros at the country club want to use this as a reminder that while playing, those areas by the pond can be slippery. They also say golfers should just forget those golf balls and buy new ones, as it's not worth the risk.

Dawson is expected to be OK.