Good Samaritans helped rescue victims of deadly freeway crash

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The good Samaritans who helped rescue people involved in a multi-vehicle crash on a Phoenix freeway are speaking out.

A terrible crash over the weekend on Interstate 10, unfortunately, took the life of a woman far too soon. For the 7 other injured - all of them children - they were helped by good people in the right place at the right time.

"If compassion was the motivation behind everyone's decisions, the world would be a better place," said Melissa Slonski.

Melissa Slonski was driving on Saturday along with her daughter, her sister, and her dad. They were on their way to a car show, but they didn't expect to roll up to a wreck moments after it happened.

"The semi truck was jackknifed on the freeway, and the other cars were so smashed you couldn't tell what they were," said John Slonski.

Two semi trucks and five cars had crashed on the interstate near 91st Avenue.

The Slonski family immediately jumped into action, even 9-year-old Isabella.

"I gave the girl that she gave her shoes to a water because she needed one, she had scratches all over legs and we were helping them clean them off," said Isabella Garcia.

Many of the injured were children, and three people had to be freed from the mangled vehicles.

"My daughter selflessly pushed out the back window and said I see one of them, I can get in to grab them, and the DPS officer cut the babies loose and the DPS officer handed them to my other daughter," explained John Slonski.

While their actions were courageous, the family doesn't see it that way. It was never a question of "if" they should have helped.

"I think I was just there to help, I was supposed to be there," said Haylee Slonski.

"I'm just proud of all of them, as scary of a situation as it was, they all went in just like they were family like they would've done for any of us, I was raised by some pretty awesome people," said Melissa Slonski.

The family expressed their condolences to the woman who lost her life in the crash.

The crash is still under investigation.