"GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME": Phoenix man paints lawn green to save water

A Valley man who is tired of spending money to keep his lawn green has decided to employ a cheaper solution.

The solution, involving paint and a sprayer, cost less than $100, and the lawn will only need to be serviced once every three to four months.

"I haven't watered this lawn since January or February," said Clayton McKee. He painted his yard green.

"It's a crazy conservation, water saving, money saving way to do it," said McKee.

McKee found that lawn painting was actually a semi-popular thing, after he went online to search for it. So, he picked up some paint, and went to work in order to save some money on his water bill

"I got tired of $250 a month water bills in Phoenix, trying to keep your lawn alive," said McKee.

The process is easy, and it took McKee about 40 minutes to paint his lawn.

"It's really crazy to see," said McKee. "It's a dark concentrate. You mix it a quart to three gallons, and it took me nine gallons of water, mixed with paint, to do my entire front yard, as opposed to hundreds to make grass grow."

McKee said the paint is free of any harmful chemicals, and is safe for animals.

"If animals dig in it, they're going to mess it up a little bit, but you can continuously touch it up," said McKee.

McKee's surrounding neighbors are fans of the painted lawn.

"When I was doing this, she was like, 'you have to be kidding me', and I was like, 'no', and she loved it," said McKee.

For McKee, the water bill went from $250 to $40, and there are other companies who will paint lawns, if you are not willing to do it yourself.