Video shows group of javelinas outside North Phoenix home

Surveillance video captured by a Phoenix resident shows a moment that is both endearing and potentially dangerous.

The video, which was taken during the early morning hours of Sept. 12 outside a home in a neighborhood near the intersection of Thunderbird Road and 7th Street, shows what appears to be a group of javelinas gathering in front of the home.

In the video, the javelinas, which varied in size, started walking up to the home's front door, and searched the plant beds and plant pots.

A group of javelinas, according to the National Park Service, is actually referred to collectively as a squadron.

"The average squadron size tends to be between six and nine animals, but javelinas have also been observed living by themselves," read a portion of NPS' website.

Javelinas can be dangerous, some say

According to NPS' website, javelins are native to the American Southwest, and they are also referred to as the collared peccary.

The animal, NPS officials state, is often confused for a wild pig, but they are actually a completely different animal species. The animal also has very aggressive and unpredictable behavior, which prevents them from being domesticated.

On the website A-Z Animals, javelins are described as "not entirely dangerous," but they will not hesitate to attack humans and pets if they feel threatened.

"In fact, in a bid to protect their little family and territory, they charge, growl, teeth clack, bite, or even inflict serious injuries on predators and trespassers," a portion of the website reads.

In addition, the website states that javelinas are known carriers of a number of bacterias and disease, including rabies, salmonella, and distemper.

Area where the video was taken