Hailstorm hits Safford, some residents displaced

Strong storms brought hail and rain to the Safford area late Saturday and early Sunday.

FOX 10 viewers say hailstones the size of quarters were falling overnight in Safford and other parts of Graham County overnight.

Many viewers have submitted photos and videos of hail coming down.

Hailstones the size of nickels were falling in Cochise County earlier in the day, according to the Tucson National Weather Service.

The Southern Arizona Red Cross sent two volunteers to the region after receiving reports people were displaced by floodwaters. When they arrived, they were told displaced people had found places to stay.

The Red Cross says at least 25 people were displaced by floodwaters.

The National Weather Service says 2.32 inches of rain fell at the airport in Safford, which was north of the strongest part of the storm.

The rainfall totals are expected to be more than the amount measured at the airport.

The Weather Service has crews from Tucson in the Safford area on Sunday to conduct a storm survey and study the impact of the storm.

There are reports of damage to a carport and cars, but no reports of any major injuries at this time.