Hearing held for man accused of sexually assaulting 13 teen girls

A hearing was held for a teen accused of sexually assaulting 13 teen girls whom he went to high school with.

Tyler Kost appeared in Pinal County Superior Court Monday for a hearing.

Kost's attorney has claimed that the victims conspired against Kost because he was "a player."

Facebook messages obtained by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office show that some of the victims were saying that Kost should be punished and taught a lesson, along the lines of the movie "John Tucker Must Die."

A judge ordered that Facebook chat records need to be disclosed to the prosecution and defense.

Kost was arrested by Pinal County Sheriff's deputies in May of 2014 and has been charged with over 30 counts. In one of the cases, Kost allegedly told the victim to kill herself.

Another hearing has been set for August 31, the trial may not happen until July 2016.