Houston doctors reveal dangers of Brazilian Butt Lifts

While celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made voluptuous backsides in high demand, plastic surgeons have issued a new warning. Brazilian Butt Lifts are dangerous, even deadly.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the fastest growing trends in plastic surgery, but it has an alarming death rate and is causing major concern in the medical community. Recently, a multi-society task force came together to issue a formal warning about the procedure.

Houstonian and board certified Dr. Bob Basu weighed in on the serious health risks the Brazilian Butt lift poses. Dr. Basu mentioned that certain precautions should be heeded:

Dr. Basu added that there are non-invasive alternatives to buttock enhancement including Sculptra. Sculptra is an FDA approved subjstance and has been used worldwide since 1999.