How to transition your grass from summer to winter

For anyone transitioning from summer to winter grass, our experts say you have a small window of time to do so.

"A lot of people do it just for the looks because they like the green," Glendon Yoder said.

Owner of Quality Scapes of Arizona, Yoder says the best time to transition is from October 10 through the month of November.

"The first step is to de-thatch it," he said. "You can use a power rake, or cutter across it that takes off the runners, the patch that's deep inside the grass. Cut it real shallow, power mower rake up cuttings, expose the ground to accept the rye seed."

Yoder recommends a hybrid rye seed and says it lasts longer and is softer.

"After we seed it, we put mulch on it," he said. "This is omni mulch made by a local company. The mulch [is] already processed, it's ready for the plant to seed."

The rest of the process involves a little TLC and patience.

"Keep it wet, don't flood it, just keep it moist within seven to 10 days," Yoder said. "Boom, you got nice grass."

Our experts say it will take two people about two hours to transition a yard this size, about 200 square feet, from summer to winter grass.