Hurricane Harbor Phoenix reopens in March, looking to fill hundreds of jobs

Water parks in the Valley are set to open in March, and even better news for those out of work, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is hiring.

In 2020, Hurricane Harbor’s season was cut short because of the pandemic, and as a result, the water park has had a long time to prepare for its reopening on March 13.

"It is a great chance for people to cool off over the weekend and spring break and spend time outdoors," says Heather Austin with Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

The reopening isn't coming without changes. The park will allow 25% occupancy and use thermal imaging for temperature checks.

In addition, there will be touchless bag checks and online reservations.

"It staggers arrival time so you can spread out and it really helps to minimize that proximity exposure that so many are worried about," Austin said.

As for the jobs available, the water park needs 500 seasonal employees including, lifeguards, food and beverage workers, and other related jobs.

Due to the pandemic, the hiring process will be different too. "The onboarding process will be virtual, so that will be different this year," Austin said.

Hurricane Harbor is adding a new space to the park called Paradise Island with more restaurants and water attractions allowing for more social distancing in the park.

For more information on the park and jobs, visit this link