Husband and wife DPS troopers speak out after they stopped wrong-way driver while off-duty

On Friday, two off-duty husband and wife DPS troopers stopped a wrong-way driver on the freeway. The two were on the Loop 101 on the West Valley when the car was heading straight for them. The two managed to get out the way and caught up with the driver afterwards.

When faced with this situation, most people would panic, but the couple have been trained, and they were able to stay calm and save many lives on Friday.

On Monday, the two troopers were identified as Thomas and Vanessa Sevilla. On Friday, the two were on their way to run errands that day when they saw a car in the median and driving towards them on the northbound lanes of Loop 101 near Maryland.

A FOX 10 viewer captured video of the driver heading in the wrong direction

The Sevillas quickly tried to change lanes, but another driver was right next to them.

"As we passed, we were really close," said Thomas. "Our mirrors almost hit each other."

"You don't see that everyday, so I was taken aback and then I called dispatch," said Vanessa.

After they passed the car, the two made a u-turn at the next exit and started to catch up, but they were worried they would be too late, because there was a car stranded with a flat tire. Luckily by the time they arrived, the wrong-way driver had stopped right before the stranded car.
"What I was thinking was she was going to pull back onto the highway and she was going to go around the stranded motorist," said Thomas. "She was looking around as if she was looking for oncoming traffic."

Thomas then hopped out of his car, went over the median, and put the elderly woman's car into park.

"I asked her if everything's OK and if everything was alright," said Thomas. "She said that she was looking for an exit but couldn't find the exit, which by going the wrong way, you won't see the exit."

Thomas says she was coherent, and just looked very confused. When asked if the troopers know how many lives they might have saved, they say they were just doing their job. 

"I have no doubt any other trooper would have done the same thing," said Thomas.

A trooper that took over the incident did not cite the woman driver, but filed a report for a driver's license reexamination. Troopers say people who see the same thing on the road should stay calm and call 911.