Gilbert barn on fire caught on camera causes massive destruction, 2 teenagers arrested

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(Courtesy: Jeni Jones)

A barn behind a Gilbert home burst into flames just minutes after fireworks were thrown into the structure by a group of boys.

Homeowner Jeni Jones said her daughter Lexi Jones and her friend were inside the barn when Ring cam video showed a group of boys throwing fireworks from the access road.

"It's such a traumatic thing when it's happening. I was calling 911 trying to get everyone away from here. Two of the vehicles we were able to move that were right here that we saved. But you know, you can see everything else is a total loss," Jones said.

Homeowner Jeni Jones says that a group of boys threw the fireworks into her garage, causing a violent fire. 

The first firework alerted everyone inside the barn, the second firework caused the damage.

"It was almost like someone was pushing on the garage, but it was like a bright light coming from under, and it just pushed out and a bunch of flames at the top, like right corner of the barn and then it just started spreading all over," said Naia Morris, who was in the barn with Lexi.

"It was like right away, the garage door went like that and you could hear it building up. You hear it pop and everything went in flames," Lexi said.

Jones said the boys have been harassing her daughter. Two of them have been arrested.

Gilbert police post a statement about the incident

In a statement posted to the Gilbert Police Department's Facebook page, officials say police and fire crews were called to the area of Higley and Guadalupe Roads just before 10:00 p.m. on July 3 for a structure fire.

"Upon arrival, fire and police personnel observed a large, detached building engulfed in flames. The fire was extinguished a short time later. There were no injuries reported," read a portion of the statement.

Jones said the fire destroyed some of the valuables inside the barn that cannot be replaced.

"They had to have known it was going to blow up. They can say that they didn't mean for it to happen but what did you mean? What did you mean when you threw fireworks inside a barn with 10 kids." she said. "What were your intentions?"

The two people arrested, who are only identified as juveniles by Gilbert Police, are accused of arson and endangerment. An investigation remains ongoing.

Area where the fire happened