Lawmaker, survivors say proposed AZ bill on sex abuse does not go far enough

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Not everyone supports a proposed bill that is aimed to help child sex abuse survivors.

Child sex abuse survivors were front and center at the Arizona State Capitol to express their frustration about the latest proposal that's designed to help survivors, saying it does the opposite.

"The best way to make sure that children are kept safe from child sex abuse is to empower survivors to come forward when they are ready," said Joelle Casteix.

HB 2746 would extend the statute of limitations to the age of 30.

"I did not come forward until I was over age 30," said Casteix.

"Why there's so much push back on this, I don't understand it," State en. Paul Boyer (R). State Sen. Boyer had two of his own bills rejected, and calls this a sham bill.

"Give us the opportunity to argue, to debate, to put our version on the Shope bill, as it stands, because we believe, based on the research and based on what victims have told us, that they need more time to come forward," said State Sen. Boyer.

"Arizona needs a strong law with a civil window to expose these predators and to bring adult survivors the justice and closure they deserve," said Greg Kelly.