Local artist helps raise money for Brazilian hospice facility

Carnival in Brazil is a celebration of life, and some Arizonans are working to create a better life for those in need of palliative care in Brazil.

"The goal is to transform stories into 3D art with purpose," said Shanna Israel, artist. 

Local artist, Shanna Israel is working on a very special piece of artwork inspired by some very special individuals.

"I really wanted to showcase in a very creative perspective and take their story and make a visually stimulating and educational for palliative care, which is the purpose of what we're doing," said Israel. "This is how they get their medicine, so we're going to take a creative way to that is an everyday use that can be a heavy connotation and instead we're going to celebrate life and show how we can transform that into something happy and celebratory."

The artwork, just one piece of Samba with a purpose, which is working to help build a palliative care facility for children in Brazil.

"Samba with a purpose, because the project in Brazil is to open a pediatric hospice, imagine a country like the size of the united states that doesn't have any hospice," said Micheline Etkin, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation Ambassador.

Micheline Etkin is a Global Ambassador for the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation.

"We have a location that a Catholic church donated to us, we just need to build it, fix it up and put the beds in, we already have the volunteers, we already have the people trained," said Etkin. 

Their hope is to sell the artwork to raise as much money as they can. 

"Whatever we raise is a miracle," said Etkin. 

For more information: www.artxshanna.com 

To donate: www.gofundme.com/f/ltsoolwithmichelineetkin