Local dad creates trick or treat bag that lights up

Halloween is just a few short weeks away, which means thousands of kids will be hitting the streets for trick or treating, and a local dad has invented a product to help keep the kiddos safe while out and about.

This product launched about two weeks ago, and Scott Jochim is hoping to help his kids, as well as others, have a safe holiday. While he's not making toys at Popar Toys, Jochim has been busy crafting and creating an LED backpack. He got the idea a year ago when he was trick or treating with his kids. Jochim said it was hard to see outside, and it was dangerous crossing streets.

Jochim is hoping the new Popar swag bag will add safety to other's night of fun.  

Scott Jochim

"It's super bright," said Jochim. "At night time, you will be seen by cars, you'll be seen by other people. Your parents can probably see you from very far away. So this is a great way to keep track of your kids. Let them be safe when they're walking down the walkways, and it's a lot of fun."      

The lightweight, water-resistant backpack has a battery pack that lasts about eight hours. It has plenty of room for treats, and people can put pretty much anything on the screen by using an app.

"If she's wearing a unicorn outfit, she can put unicorns on it. If you're spiderman, of course, what are you going to put on it? You'll put spiderman," said Jochim. "Download a gif or write a message. You can write text on it. You can do animations, you can do videos and if you wanted to you can even advertise something."    

The backpacks can be used well after a spooktacular Halloween. 

"It's got a place to put your laptop, your iPad. It's just a regular backpack," said Jochim. "It's got a battery in it, so you can charge your iPad, your phone, your Android, whatever you'd like."

The backpacks are $150 each.