Local gaming competition aims to get more women into tech field

Gamers, get ready! A big competition is coming up and it's all for a good cause, getting more women into tech. 

"We really wanted to make a community event," said Lauren Witte Girard.

Lauren Witte Girard, a Content Strategist with Axosoft, a female-owned tech company in Scottsdale, says they're preparing for a big gamers competition.

"We wanted to invite other like-minded techies to come together, to have fun doing something they actually enjoy," said Girard. 

The teams will go head to head playing the popular game Super Smash Brother, but there's no winners and losers in this competition because it's all for a good cause. 

"Woman are often the odd mans out in the tech industry," said Girard. 

Money raised from the competition will go towards the It Was Never A Dress scholarship fund, helping put more women in tech jobs. 

"Not only do we want more women technologists, but more women leading technology companies," said Girard. 

The competition will be held on September 20 in Scottsdale. 

For more details visit their website.