Made In Arizona: Local business offers freshly baked treats for dogs

A Valley business sells items called "Ruff Life Dog Bones": freshly baked treats for dogs, just the kind of snack pets deserve.

"I have four dogs myself and I just care about their health and what they're eating, just we would our children," said co-owner Heather Bailey.

Like any dog mom, Bailey wants to keep her pups healthy. She says buying treats from a local pet shop comes with a risk.

"There's a lot of pet food recalls and pet treat recalls, and we never know where our pet treats are coming from when we buy them from the big stores," said Bailey.

It's why Bailey started making her own healthy dog treats. Five years ago, that turned into a business with the best name.

"We get all of our treats through local butchers, and then we smoke it and bring it to all the local farmer's markets," said Bailey. "Dogs absolutely love our booth, they jump up on the table, they get free samples at all the farmer's markets, we hand out free sausage."

Everything comes fresh, and there are no salts, chemicals, or preservatives. People can even find some CBD products.

"We make our own tinctures, and we also make our own CBD sausage treats fresh weekly," said Bailey. 

They'll even deliver anywhere in the Valley on Sundays. Dash and its fur-mom, Alexa Campos, seem to approve.

"Our pets deserve something healthy," said Campos. We take care of ourselves, let's take care of them."

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