Made in Arizona: Queen Creek Olive Mill

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (FOX 10) - In this week's Made in Arizona Segment, we take a trip inside the Queen Creek Olive Mill. as you can guess, they have fields of olives - but it's much more than that, as the company makes a variety of other products.

Extra virgin olive oil is a key ingredient used in meals across the world and Queen Creek Olive Mill makes it all right here in Arizona.

"It's right in antioxidants, polyphenols, [and] vitamins E and K just to name a few," said Angelo Rea with Queen Creek Olive Mill. "We started in 2005 [and] we were basically just a little tin shed."

Today, the mill houses acres of olive tree groves. It's a family business.

"We're totally vertically integrated," said Rea. "We grow olive trees, we harvest the olives, we press the olives into oil, we do all of our bottling here on sight."

Rea works closely with his father - this is their passion. The olives are taken from the trees, cleaned and turned into a paste before being tossed in a giant centrifuge, spinning at 3,300 RPM.

"The oil separates out because it's lighter than the water and the rest of the material," Rea said.

Also at the mill, you'll find a scratch kitchen and cafe - a place to try the oil for yourself, complete with a story to buy bath and body products. It's all made with the olive oil grown on-site. And if that doesn't draw you in, there are plenty of reasons to stop by. You can take a class, a tour, or just take in the fresh Arizona air and ambiance at the mill.

"It's a good place to just come out here, sit outside, have a glass of wine and just enjoy some of the food that we cook using our olive oils," Rea said.