Made In Arizona: Valley business putting its own spin on kettle corn

Kettle corn is a sweet and salty treat a lot of people love. and one Valley business has been putting their own spin on the treat.

Jolie Darby has really turned flavored popcorn into an art form.

"We were just a 10x10 tent for 11 years, and in 2015, we decided to make the jump to the trailer," said Darby, who owns Southwest Kettle Corn.

Darby and her husband actually started their popcorn-popping business after a visit to Sedona. At the time, Darby had just left her job, and the timing seemed perfect.

"My husband and I go to Sedona every year for the lights up there, and there was a guy up there selling his business. That's what gave me the idea," said Darby.

Jolie Darby

Each batch takes about two minutes to pop.

"When you're in there, you just kind of have a rhythm, you know. I always say I can pop it blind because I listen for the sound," said Darby. 'When it starts slowing down, you know its time to dump it, so you don't burn it."

The business offers more than 25 unique flavors. It's busy season currently, and people are loving the fall favorites.

"We've got Pumpkin Pie à la mode coming," said Darby. "We've got a lot of cinnamon and chocolate and chili."

Darby says they're constantly working on new flavors., using family and friends as taste testers to make sure its just right. People who want Southwest Kettle Corn to stop by their next event can pick and choose which flavors suit their style.

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