Man accused of aggravated assault on a police officer after Phoenix pursuit ended in fiery crash

A suspect has been hospitalized after a police pursuit ended in a fiery crash in Phoenix, police said.

According to Phoenix Police, the incident began on Jan. 25 at about 2:30 a.m, when an officer tried to stop a vehicle near 20th Street and Southern Avenue. The driver of the vehicle shot at the officer before driving away.

The vehicle was then spotted near 32nd Street and Southern Avenue and police began their pursuit, at which point the suspect again fired gunshots at officers.

"At about 7th Street and Baseline, the vehicle veered off the road, collided with a fire hydrant, and then with another vehicle," said Sgt. Vincent Cole with the Phoenix Police Department

"The squeaking and the car, like a brake, you know," said Canez. "And then, all of a sudden, you heard that boom. Must have been when the car caught on fire."

The driver of the other vehicle was not hurt, but police discovered the fleeing driver had been shot in the chest. He is hospitalized and expected to recover, and is facing aggravated assault on a police officer.

"There's no evidence to show that Phoenix Police officer fired any rounds," said Sgt. Cole. "What we're trying to find through our investigation is if that round occurred somewhere else or if it was self-inflicted."

The suspect has only been identified as an adult male.

Canez said the area has been chaotic in the past with shootings, but nothing like this.

"I just want the whole area to be safe, and hopefully, nothing like this happens," said Canez.

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