Man accused of chasing another man with a hatchet after crashing into his car

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Court documents show a Phoenix man is accused of chasing a man with half-hammer/half-hatchet tool, as well a hitting his wife with the same tool during an incident at a parking lot in Phoenix on Monday.

According to the documents, multiple charges have been filed against 31-year-old Hari Kumar Monger, including aggravated assault, criminal damage, and possession of dangerous drugs. Monger was arrested Monday afternoon, on the 4700 block of N. 19th Avenue. According to an independent witness, Monger crashed his car into the victim's unoccupied car, as it was parked on the 1800 block of W. Camelback, where the victim was meeting with Monger's wife.

The victim, according to documents, claimed he was unaware the woman was married at the time of their relationship, and stopped communicating with her after he received a video call from Monger that advised him of the marriage. Monger's wife, however, requested to meet with the victim, and it is unknown as to how Monger became aware of the meeting. After crashing into the car, Monger exited his truck with the tool and chased the victim around the parking lot. Monger also threw the tool at the victim, but the victim managed to avoid getting hit. Monger then allegedly struck hit wife with the tool before leaving the scene in his truck.

Video surveillance, according to the documents, show Monger entering the parking lot, but did not capture the assault or the collision, but independent witnesses saw the car still moving milliseconds after the collision, as well as Monger chasing the victim with the tool, as the victim yelled for help.

Court documents say Monger, in a post-Miranda police interview, admitted to hitting the victim's car to block it in, as well as admitting to chasing the victim with a stick and throwing the stick at the victim. Monger also admitted to hitting his wife in her leg with a stick, leaving the scene of the incident, and admitted to possessing and using meth.