Man accused of robbing 4 women at ATMs in the West Valley

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Police have arrested a man accused of robbing four women in five days, and each of the armed robberies happened at bank ATMs in Peoria and Surprise.

Each of the robberies had similarities. Police officials said 26-year-old Matthew Morency approached women at the ATMs, pulled out a knife, and demanded cash. Each of the incidents happened late at night.

"I always have my keys ready in my hand, just in case something comes at me," said Natalie White. "It's, like, some way of a self-defense, I guess."

White said she's careful wherever she goes, especially after learning of the robberies, one of which happened outside a Bank of America in Peoria, just after midnight on May 19. According to police, the masked suspect with a knife is 26-year-old Morency. Nearly 12 hours later at a Chase Bank nearby, Morency allegedly stabbed a woman in the hand before stealing her purse and running off.

"That would terrify me," said Nadine Barrios. "I always wonder. It can happen at any time."

Barrios said she sometimes goes to a Bank of America in Surprise, where police officials said Morency robbed another woman before getting away in a car. That victim, however, got the license plate number. Three days later, police officials said Morency robbed a fourth woman at the same bank. His description matched the suspect in all four incidents

"ATMs, not at night, early in the morning, watch for your surroundings," said Barrios. "I'm even nervous in my car going through the drive-thru."

Peoria and Surprise Police worked together, and Morency was arrested on Thursday in Phoenix. He has been booked on four counts of armed robbery, four counts of aggravated assault and drug charges.

"I'm definitely relieved," said White. "He got what he deserved."

Detectives used that license plate number provided by one of the victims to find the suspect vehicle, and Peoria Police's SWAT team also helped arrest Morency.