Man in Mesa Police use of physical force incident speaks out

The man who was seen on video getting beaten and punched by several Mesa Police officer spoke out Wednesday about his ordeal.

Video of the altercation first surfaced on Tuesday, showing officers making contact with Robert Johnson before multiple punches were thrown, and Johnson being wrestled to the ground. The incident happened in late May, at an apartment complex in Mesa.

Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista says three officers and one sergeant have been placed on administrative leave as a result of the video.

"I didn't know anything about this, and the way I learned about this is because a member of the community sent me the video and said, 'hey, this looks very alarming, and I need you to look at it,'" said Chief Batista. "I examined it, and I immediately opened up an investigation."

Johnson spoke with FOX 10's Stefania Okolie Wednesday afternoon.

"What have you been feeling?" Okolie asked.

"Disrespected," said Johnson. "Disrespected by my own people."

"Have you watched the video?" Okolie asked.

"I replay it back in my mind every day," Johnson replied.

"And you haven't had the chance to see the video?" Okolie asked.

"I see it everyday," said Johnson.

"When you watch that, what do you feel?" Okolie asked.

"How could you do this?" Johnson said. "That's all I could really say. How could you do it? It's always painful, especially going through a -- then having to look back at. That's about it."