Man was driving drunk with baby in car before crashing into telephone pole, court documents say

A man is accused of multiple felony charges after authorities say he was driving impaired with his young daughter strapped to his chest in a baby carrier when he crashed into a telephone pole in downtown Phoenix.

According to court documents, 23-year-old Jacob Willcutt lost control of this car and hit the telephone pole just before 8 p.m. on March 9 near 1st Street and Monroe.

After the crash, a witness reported to police that they saw Willcutt behind the wheel with his infant daughter strapped to his chest in a baby carrier.

The 4-month-old girl was taken to a hospital and was found to have a fractured skull.

Map of the crash scene area:

In the court paperwork, Willcutt admitted to turning northbound onto 1st Street, "gave his vehicle some gas, and lost control."

"The defendant admitted to having his daughter strapped to his chest in a baby carrier at the time of the accident," court documents ready. 

Willcutt took a breathalyzer test, blew a .128, and admitted to drinking beer before the crash, court documents said.

Willcutt was arrested and booked into jail. He is accused of reckless driving, DUI, and child abuse. He is being held on a $2,500,000 bond.