Many Arizonans hit hard by 2020's allergy season

It is the annual fall allergy season, and many people in the valley are coming down with symptoms.

With the new grass and weeds growing during the cooler weather, people in the Valley are coming down with allergy symptoms. Those affected by allergy may be waking up these days with symptoms that are cold-like.

"Congestion, drainage from their nose, back of the throat, sneezing, itchy eyes, red eyes," said Dr. Christopher Couch with the Asthma Allergy Clinic.

Dr. Couch says his office is filling up with patients. Even though there hasn’t been a lot of rain in 2020, there are still high pollen counts, causing many to have respiratory allergies.

"This time of year, weeds are growing and pollinating, and the wind picks up the pollen and carries it on the Valley," said Dr. Couch. "Not a lot of trees, but the winter grass and Bermuda grass getting picked up with overseeding."

Doctors say if people have difficulty breathing or chest tightness, they should have the troubles addressed by a physician.