Maricopa County Animal Care and Control gets much needed food donation

There was a special delivery from Houston, Texas this morning of 41,000 pounds of dog food.

"We were approached by the Rescue Bank of Houston, letting us know they had a lot of food available," Lisa Klimczak said.

When AARM, or the Arizona Animal Rescue Mission, got the call they knew they had to find a way to get the dog food to the Valley. The non-profit was able to arrange for shipping thanks to its generous donors.

"It's so rewarding, so fulfilling, I mean my dreams are coming true today for the dogs, I mean that's our passion at AARM; for every animal to have the best possible shelter outcome and by being able to bring in this food today, it's heartwarming, but sad at the same time that we need this much food because the shelters are so full," Klimczak said.

Both the East and West Valley shelters at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control are at critical capacity. It's so bad that all adoption fees at the East Valley shelter have been waived for the rest of the week.

The food, according to spokesperson Jose Santiago, is essential.

"We're going to bring the food here, we're going to store it for quite some time and on an as needed basis," he said. "We'll start delivering it to the east shelter."

The hope is that all of this food that was delivered today will last the shelter for the rest of the year.