Massive holiday lights display at West Valley home

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but one Glendale resident is already getting into the holiday spirit.

We have seen people put up lights to the extreme, with Christmas lights flashing and synchronized with music, while Jason Kindred's display is nothing that fancy, that fact that he managed to accomplish a lot in just two days is impressive.

Kindred said his Christmas lights tradition got started by accident.

"One year, some relatives give us some lights, a whole bunch of them, so I spread them out here at the carport here in full, and my wife comes out and goes, 'no way you're putting those lights on the house, no way you're putting that many lights on the house,'" Kindred recounted.

So, of course, Kindred had to do it!

"I do things to the extreme," said Kindred.

As for how many lights Kindred has put up, he says he has no idea. While Kindred's holiday lights display may not be the flashiest in the Valley, it is likely one of the earliest. Kindred said he just wanted to get it done early, so he can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas without having to worry about it.