Mesa Police officers shoot suspect

Officers tried to talk the suspect down for about 25 minutes as he leaned against the home's garage.

Video captured by a neighbor shows the man raise his gun; that's when officers opened fire.

It's how it ended, but it started with realtor Billy Drevyanko.

"As soon as I saw his eyes, I knew this guy was not right," said Billy Drevyanko.

Drevyanko had just picked up some paperwork at the time; he was sitting in his car when the man approached.

"I was looking down on the phone checking my paperwork, my windows are tinted and all of a sudden I just hear a tap, tap, tap. I rolled down the window, and he was aggressive, in my face from the first moment," he said.

Drevyanko had never seen Joshua Deysie before.

"He says you got a problem homey? And I go no, I don't have a problem. Then he starts tapping his waistband and I look down, and I see a gun, a pistol," said Drevyanko.

He was able to talk his way out of a scary situation and called police. He was down the street as police tried to get the suspect to drop his gun, and he heard the shots.

"He gave the police no choice in my opinion," he said.