Mesa Public Schools announce changes to emergency meal services

Officials with Mesa Public Schools are making changes to their emergency meal services that were put in place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the school district's website, 21 meal service locations are closed as of April 7. The closed locations are:

  • Bush Elementary (4925 E. Ingram St.)
  • Crismon Elementary (825 W. Medina Ave.)
  • Entz Elementary (4132 E. Adobe St.)
  • Falcon Hill Elementary (1645 N. Sterling)
  • Franklin @ Alma Elementary (1313 W. Medina Ave.)
  • Franklin @ Brimhall Elementary (4949 W. Southern Ave.)
  • Franklin West Elementary (236 S. Sirrine Ave.)
  • Guerrero Elementary (463 S. Alma School Rd.)
  • Hale (1425 N. 23rd St.)
  • Johnson Elementary (3807 W. Pueblo Ave.)
  • Las Sendas Elementary (3120 N. Red Mountain)
  • Madison Elementary (849 S. Sunnyvale)
  • Mendoza Elementary (5831 E. McLellan Rd.)
  • Pomeroy Elementary (1507 W. Shawnee Dr.)
  • Porter Elementary (1350 S. Lindsay Rd.)
  • Red Mountain Ranch Elementary (6650 E. Raftriver St.)
  • Redbird Elementary (1020 S. Extension Rd.)
  • Sirrine Elementary (591 W. Mesquite St.)
  • Summit Academy (1560 W. Summit Place, Chandler) 
  • Washington Elementary (2260 W. Isabella Ave.)
  • Wilson Elementary (5619 E. Glade Ave.)

The following locations will remain open until April 9, and will be closed afterwards.

  • Edison Elementary (545 N. Horne)
  • Field Elementary (2325 E. Adobew St.)
  • Hermosa Vista Elementary (2626. 24th St.)
  • Highland Arts Elementary (3042 E. Adobe St.)
  • Hughes Elementary (630 N. Hunt Dr.)
  • Irving Elementary (3220 E. Pueblo Ave.)
  • Ishikawa Elementary (2635 N. 32nd St.)
  • Roosevelt Elementary (828 S. Valencia)
  • Whitman Elementary (1829 N. Grand)
  • Whittier Elementary (733 N. Longmore Ave.)
  • Zaharis Elementary (9410 E. McKellips Rd.)

Other elementary school sites will close on April 10 for a pre-scheduled school holiday. Starting on April 13, all open serving sites will provide meal services on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Officials say six new serving sites will be open by April 13.

On March 20, school officials announce that sack lunches, as well as a breakfast item for the next day, will be provided for children 19 and under, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekdays, throughout the closure.

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