Mesa woman with newborn accuses apartment of doing nothing to stem cockroach infestation

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A Mesa woman says her husband and newborn baby were living with endless amounts of cockroaches in their apartment, and management has done nothing.

In fact, the family said the problem got so bad, they moved out of their unit at Mesa's Lakeview Apartment, near Baseline and Power Roads, before the lease was up. The family is still paying rent..

"I'm pretty sure they are crawling inside our couches and our beds and stuff," said Matea Alexander.

Alexander took photos of the infestation.

"They were crawling in the crib with our baby, and we would wake up in the middle of the night, and they would be crawling on us, and it was just unsafe and unsanitary for us to live there anymore," said Alexander.

Alexander said she has been showing the pictures to the apartment's management. She said at times, it has been difficult to reach anyone at all.

"Over this last week, we call them at least six times, and we have e-mailed them at least half a dozen times, just for them to get somebody to come in and spray and get rid of the insects," said Alexander.

FOX 10 spoke with with the management of the apartment off-camera, who said they can;t discuss specific resident matters because of privacy, but said they did try to respond quickly when they received complaints.

Alexander and her family moved out in December, and are staying with other family members. Shje said she simply could not keep exposing her baby to the bugs.

"It's completely unsafe, and she is only -- when we moved out, she was barely two months old, and it was disgusting," said Alexander.

The lease is up in January 2019, but Alexander said it is not fair that nothing was done, and no money was returned for the problem that went on for months.

"I would like for them to at least give us our money back," said Alexander. "We deserve to get our money back, at least for the months weren't even living there."

Alexander said the family is going to end up paying about $2,400 for the two months that they were not living there. Meanwhile, apartment management said they are following up with their corporate office, and will follow up on this problem.