Miracle treat day: raising money for PCH patients

It's miracle treat day, that means you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of some pretty sick kids being treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Chance Peterson is a happy and healthy 10-year-old who overcame quite a bit to get where he is today.

"Some days were fun, I was ok, some days were bad because you never know what is going to happen when you're in the hospital," said Chance Peterson.

When he was five, Chance was diagnosed with a kidney obstruction, a simple procedure that turned out to be anything but.

"He should have been healed within a week and been ok, but every time they did the surgery he would have reoccuring scar tissue, it happened inside his body which blocked off his kidney, and would cause more damage. He's been through 4 major kidney surgeries," said Stephanie Hayduke, Chance's mom.

"I remember playing with the beach ball," said James Zintack.

7-year-old James has memories of healing and playing inside Phoenix Children's Hospital like he did today. His mom said he was diagnosed with CGD, a rare immune disease as a baby. As a result he lost a lung and some of his hearing, but he's ok now thanks to the staff at PCH.

"The only cure is a bone marrow transplant, so we went to PCH and did a bone marrow through them, now he's 4-years-old and cured," said Samantha Zintack.

Dairy Queen locations statewide are joining the fight.

"They're donating a dollar or more from all Blizzard sales to PCH, to help patients like Chance and James. Manager of the Glendale store, Kathy Lee, says miracle treat day helps make many miracles possible.

"So far we raised $2,200 in just donations, and then we're hoping another big turn today selling Blizzards," said Kathy Lee.

It's not too late to take part; there are 64 Dairy Queens in Arizona and all are participating. They're open until 10:30 p.m.