Mohave County mother dies from serious head injury; family looks for answers

Deiah Parker's mother and aunt are fighting for answers as to what led to the 24-year-old Native American woman's death in Mohave County.

She was found unresponsive on Sept. 19 around 4 a.m. after she went to a small party at the Centennial Park View apartments in Kingman,  just a day after she went to the Mohave County Fair.

"As a parent, I want closure. I want to know what happened to my daughter. I want justice for her and she has a two-year-old daughter that she left behind," Deborah Saganitso said, adding, "She was my baby and she lived with me up until the day she passed away."

Saganitso says she never got a call from the police or the hospital.

Deiah Parker. Photos courtesy of Deborah Saganitso

Deiah Parker. Photos courtesy of Deborah Saganitso

Kingman's Police chief says Parker sustained a closed head injury before her death. She was found laying on the ground in a parking lot next to a curb.

Investigators believe alcohol was involved and that Parker's boyfriend was the last person to see her before she went unconscious.

Carrie Imus, Parker's aunt, said, "The doctor was very concerned about the trauma that he saw and showed us the pictures of her brain. There was the fracture, there was bleeding throughout her brain and her brain was totally swollen."

Family members say parker was with friends the night she died and they want someone with information to come forward.

Loved ones also want full attention from the Kingman Police Department.

Meanwhile, Saganitso must raise her two-year-old granddaughter as her life has changed, saying it's difficult "to wake up every morning and know my daughter's never coming home."

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