Monsoon 2015: microburst damages homes in east valley

It was a wild night in the east valley, a microburst was reported on the borders of Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe.

Horrific damage was left behind after a pop-up storm, also called a microburst, dropped intense wind, rain, and knocked out power in a small area in the east valley.

"It's extremely sudden, happened on a short time scale, and basically very strong intense winds got sent to the ground and then get radiated out, this happens in only a couple of minutes," said Ken Waters with the National Weather Service.

The devastating storm in the east valley happened in a five-mile area. Wittman felt it a few weeks back, and the Valley has experienced several storms in the past few weeks.

Ken Waters says this is normal for the monsoon but unpredictable.

"We have to watch every minute and look for any indication that one of these is developing, we have to get that warning out," he said.

A move of mother nature, leaving its mark.