More people heading outside as temperatures dip in Arizona

For the Phoenix area, temperatures on Oct. 26 were cooler than anything residents have felt in months. With these cooler temperatures, more people are heading outside, and one of the places they're visiting is the nursery.

On Oct. 26, FOX 10 spoke with the owner of Whitfill Nursery in North Phoenix, who said that as soon as cooler weather came in, people came by the bundles. The owner, Matthew Whitfill, said that summer 2020 was the worst summer they have experienced, and since so many people lost many of their plants, they are now ready to replant for the coming year.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people were cooped up in their homes, and Whitfill said he has seen a lot more people planting their own veggies and fruits, with the big seller being citrus trees.

"People have been cooped up all summer long, and they're anxious to get out of the house," said Whitfill. "The other reason is it is the time of year to get things in the ground."

"I just wanted to spruce up my room a bit," said Jessica Krantz. "I have a few succulents, but I wanted to change it up a bit with some flowers."

Whitfill said they expect businesses to be busy for the next few weeks, as people plant their flowers and plants and watch them bloom in the spring.

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